Top 3 Heart Rate Monitors 2017 REVIEWS

Getting to know the pace at which your heart is beating is very crucial. It can help you in detecting any looming dangers or sicknesses besides the proactive steps you may need to put in place to mitigate them. This is why top heart rate monitors are important.

For a start, a heart monitor is basically a device that can detect, interpret, and display the rates of heartbeats and other vital cardiac parameters. With so many of them in the market today, a prospective user like you may not have the skill or wherewithal to make the right choice. That is why in our wisdom, we have seen it fit to come to your rescue.

We shall identify, highlight and briefly review the top 3 top heart rate monitors in vogue today in the proceeding sections. We do this solely to give you a rough picture of the top traits of the ideal gadget of this kind.


#1: Polar FT7 Heart Rate Monitor


This gadget is pretty effective at monitoring the rates of heartbeats. It does so in a continuous and reliable manner. This is because it does have several features and functionalities to make this possible. A number of them are discussed hereunder:

Outstanding Features
  • Energy Pointer

This detects and indicates the main effects of the ongoing training. This means it tells you whether the impact of your training is fitness improvements or fat burning.

  • Smart Calorie

The smart calorie utilizes your personal data to provide you accurate information of the calories burned during a training exercise.

  • Polar H1 Heart Rate Sensor

This connects and communicates with other compatible gym equipment. It does so by use of Gym Link connectivity feature. It is also water-resistant to a depth of 30m.

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#2: Timex Mid-Size T5G941 Easy Trainer Heart Rate Monitor Watch


Fast-paced training requires durable and highly-responsive gadgets. This is due to the intense physical activities involved. This monitor is specifically designed and intended for such activities. This is due to its possession of the required features.

Outstanding Features
  • Excellent Memory

Its top feature is this excellent memory. This basically recalls the duration of each activity and the average, peak, as well as the minimum heart rates.

  • Elastic Chest Strap

The monitor is worn around the chest by use of this elastic chest strap. This strap also transmits the heart’s electrocardiogram readings to the wristwatch for display and interpretation.

  • Automatic Activity Timer

This feature lets users like you to time their activities besides keeping track of their exercise times conveniently.

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#3: Wahoo TICKR Heart Rate Monitor for iPhone & Android


For personalized workouts and training to be successful, a reliable and accurate heart rate monitor is by all means necessary. This is where this specific gadget comes into play. It is designed for such occasions by reason of possessing the relevant features.

Outstanding Features
  • Bluetooth 4.0 and ANT+ Compatibility

These two connectivity features enable the device to connect to and communicate with tablets, smartphones, and Garmin GPS watches.

  • Highly Versatile

Apart from being able to connect to other likeminded gadgets, this gadget is also capable of operating several fitness apps such as Wahoo RunFit, Strava, Nike+ Running, Apple Health, and Cyclemeter.

  • Apple Watch Integration

It can also pair with an Apple Watch. By so doing, it can track heart rates or sync the heart rate data via the Wahoo 7-Minute Workout app or the Wahoo RunFit app.

Of course, these top heart rate monitors we have reviewed above are not all that you may possibly find on the market. There are indeed are several others which we inevitably had to leave out owing to the limited space at our disposal. Please make an effort to find out some of the ones we have left out using the criteria we have spelled out above. It is our hope though that you have found the information we furnished above insightful.