High Blood Pressure? Here Are The Top Five Foods To Avoid

High blood pressure is a condition that has become so common nowadays and being referred to as a silent killer. Why? Because it can go unnoticed for long because it’s got no clear symptoms, which means it can go for long without being treated and unnoticed

Hypertension commonly known as high blood pressure is a condition that has been responsible for the demise of millions of people, mainly due to undesirable lifestyles. With this comes the risk of suffering from heart failure, stroke, kidney disease, among other severe conditions.

The heart-breaking thing about this condition is that it can be a result of several factors such as your family history, age, gender, and even race. On the good side, though, you might want to consider that several controllable factors can as well cause the disease. One such factor is your diet choices, whereby you’re required to keep off some meals.

Top Foods to avoid with high blood pressure

1. Frozen Pizza
To many of us, frozen pizza is the perfect dinner, since it’s inexpensive and easy to get and prepare as well. What’s better than having to get a meal which you simply buy, put in the oven and wait till it just looks finger-licking sweet to the eye? But have you asked yourself what it takes to preserve that pizza the way it was before you subjected it to the tormenting heat?

Do you know what danger you subject your body to with all that cheese, crust, tomato sauce, and cured meat? As if that’s not enough, do you know that manufacturers have to add a lot of salt if the flavor is to be preserved while the pizza is in the freezer? If you don’t, well, now you know. A single serving of frozen pizza can let in up to 1000 milligrams of sodium in your body, and we know very well that your taste sensors won’t allow leftover pizza.

2. Red meat
Oh, so you want to have a large Texas-sized steak with salt for dinner? Before you get that, just know that fatty foods are not good for your blood vessels and heart as well. Want a healthy meal plan? Then include just a small amount of saturated or trans-fats in your meal. Keep in mind, though, that the sizable Texas-sized steak with salt is a no-no for dinner. It’s definitely among the top foods to avoid with high blood pressure.

3. Candy
You want to get some candy every time you go out or are relaxing at your place? Don’t do that, since candy has nothing more to offer other than lots of calories and sugar which will heighten your sugar level. Want something sweet? Why not try naturally-sweetened fruits that are rich in fiber and potassium? That’ll do the trick while being of a great benefit to your body.

4. Bacon
Meat lovers will have to “ouch” a lot since as it’s seemingly tough having to avoid what you like most. Let’s just face the facts here. Bacon has a lot of fat in it, and that isn’t changing soon. 4.5 grams of fat and 250 mg of sodium in just three slices? I don’t think that’s healthy at all. You’ll evidently have to scale down your bacon intake.

5. Whole milk
This was the last thing you expected to find here. Or did you? Well, you may be a bit doubtful here, but despite serving you with calcium, whole milk has more fat that you probably need. Just a cup serving of this product will have around 8 grams of fat, with 5 grams being saturated fats. If you don’t know, saturated fats are your heart’s worst enemies when it comes to types of fats.

The above are the 5 top foods to avoid with high blood pressure. You’ve seen that a lot of attention is being shown to foods with lots of sodium, sugar, and fats as well, especially saturated fats. As such, try and avoid taking foods with the three elements in large amounts. Give your heart a happy life, and you’ll be happier as a result. Wishing you a healthy life.