Jennifer Lawrence Red Sparrow Fitness Secret

In early in 2018, Jennifer Lawrence starred in the movie Red Sparrow, as an ex-ballerina spy. You just cannot star as a ballerina without having a great body. So, how did Jennifer Lawrence achieve fitness for Red Sparrow?

We all know Jennifer Lawrence through blockbuster movies such as the X-Men and the Hunger Games. In addition, she is quite outspoken about body image and the pressures of weight in her industry. She has been quoted on several occasions saying that she is not interested in exercising and that she generally loves food.

However, to prepare for her role in Red Sparrow, she had to observe a strict diet and work with a professional ballet instructor and that turned out to be Jennifer lawrence fitness red sparrow secret

A Great Body Requires Rigorous Exercise

Mastering the art of ballet takes years. However, Jennifer only had weeks. As much as a double was going to do most of the dance moves, Jennifer had to be very fit so that the rhythm of her body could match that of a professional dancer.

Jennifer worked with professional dance coach Kurt Froman. She trained for three hours a day, six days a week for three months. Aside from dance moves, the training involves weight training, and toning. All that training for only about six minutes of footage in the film and you wonder why she is one of the highest paid actresses in the world.

Ballet is an art that requires upper body strength. Froman used a form of Pilates called gryotonics. The routine focuses on functional strength using rhythmic movements.

During this routine, you will constantly be holding your breath and lengthening your body, like in ballet.

The routine puts your core to work. Jennifer also had to do weight lifting and cardio.

Know the Limits of Your Body

Jennifer Lawrence fitness Red Sparrow diet plan required her to push her body to the limits. While the hard work and dedication pay, it is essential to know the limits of your body.

You might push too hard only to become frustrated when you do not notice any changes.

Remember, she was doing it for the film. No one is forcing you to become a ballerina in weeks. You just want a fit and healthy body.

A Low-Calorie Diet 

It did not end at exercising. Working out and dieting go together. It makes no sense to spend all your time in the gym and eat junk.

To achieve the lean physique of a ballerina, Jennifer had to stick to a low-calorie diet.

In an interview, she admitted that the first time she ever felt really hungry and disciplined was during the shooting of the movie.

Sticking to a diet is not easy. At one point, Jennifer had a meltdown and freaked out, as she had to eat about five banana chips.

The film director, Francis Lawrence, understood the difficulties of the diet and had the dancing scenes shot first so that Jennifer could get back to her usual eating habits.

Your fitness goals are not as temporary as Jennifer Lawrence fitness Red Sparrow. Sticking to a diet and observing a workout routine requires discipline and dedication. However, if she was able to do it in weeks, you can also do it. Unlike her, you have more than three months to achieve your fitness goals.