Fashionable Ways for Men to Wear a Scarf

Today’s men’s fashion accessories now include wearing a scarf. You ask me how to wear a scarf with a suit and make it look nice and fashionable?

Size and shape of the scarf will dictate the tying of the scarf, material type is also indicators for style, and you can be very “in style” wearing a scarf. Wearing a scarf with a suit has become a very classy accessory for the business man.

There are six main ways that a man can tie a scarf around and over suit.

  1. City Slicker

The first one is called the “City Slicker”. It consists of wrapping your folded in half scarf around your neck. Bring the two ends back around together and pull the ends through the loop made when you folded in half.

  1. Sophisticate

The second is the “Sophisticate”. This is a popular scarf tie is made by putting your scarf around your neck with one side longer than the other.

Take the long side and wrap around your neck and allow both ends to dangle in front. It is great for demonstrating style with a natural and carefree look.

  1. Ivy Leaguer

The “Ivy Leaguer” This type of men’s suit accessories tie is for the formal occasion. It can also bring color to your mono-colored suit.

Go with this style when sporting an opera scarf. Put this scarf tied around your neck with the two ends on either side. If your scarf extends below the jacket hem, you should reconsider using it.

Typically it comes down to about the pockets on your suit. Be sure not to tuck in your scarf behind your lapels if you will be wearing a top coat.

  1. The Connoisseur

“The Connoisseur” is a James Bond type tie. It looks something like an ascot when tied properly. Around the neck and simply tied in the front then bring the ends behind and over the tied part.

You will look great in this elegant tie and you might even want “martini, dry, shaken not stirred”. This is a fun example of how to wear a scarf with a suit.

  1. The Jetsetter

“The Jetsetter” is a simple and very hip way to dress up your suit. All you do is put it around your neck with one end shorter than the other then flip the long one over your shoulder.

This type has the “thrown on” look and illustrates your “devil may care” attitude.

  1. The Weekender

“The Weekender” has a shorter tie and looks like it is a circle wrap around your neck, not a scarf. This tie is intended for a casual look with a blazer.

This style is seen in Paris, Rome, and Shanghai. Most well dressed, casual dressers wear this to complete their look.

Wrap the scarf around your neck and keep going until is it all around your neck without ends showing. Slide the ends into the scarf and enjoy.

How to wear a scarf with a suit is something you can learn to do with ease. This is not the only ways to tie your scarf but some of the most common.

Come up with your own ways to tie a scarf, learn from a friend, copy your boss, but always look sleek, sheik and confident. Wearing a scarf with your suit is a happening style today.

Don’t be left out in the cold, wrap up that scarf!