5 Facts About How To Lose Weight On A Treadmill That Will Make You Think Twice.

The treadmill is very convenient for those who cannot go for a Jog, run or take a power walk outdoors. Using a treadmill can also help accomplish your exercise and health goals. While exercising on a treadmill you should focus on increasing the calories that you burn through exercise and reduce the calories you consume that’s how you’ll end up cutting weight. The treadmill provides a lot of exercise features this is why it’s the right machine for the job.

  1. Record your weight

It is very important to record your weight. Before you start your initial work out, check your weight on a weighing scale and note it down after that you will continuously be checking your weight change weekly, and on the same day.

For example if you initially recorded your weight on a Monday you’ll do it again the next Monday. It should be your aim to lose a specific amount of weight every week this will help you choose an effective workout routine.

    2. Warm up first

One of the most common mistakes done by most people exercising on the treadmill is that they don’t warm up. A warm up should be done gradually, while setting the speed on the treadmill one should switch from slow speed to moderate speed and then high speed.

This goes a long way in ensuring you avoid muscle cramps, early fatigue and other exercise related injuries. Also make sure you wear the correct type of shoes, most preferably sneakers, when you go on the treadmill.

    3. Splitting your work out

Splitting the work out is essential if you don’t have endurance, for example if you are looking to work with a 60 minute workout routine then you can split it into three 20 minute sessions with breaks in-between.

Having a brief high intensity segment in your workout increases the chances of burning a lot of calories, for example during a jog you can increase the speed and have a brief high intensity sprint session, then you revert back to your normal workout speed, this should be repeated severally during the workout.

Generally, for a beginner the first month you can focus on building endurance and the essential basic fitness and you should be ready to switch up the intensity because that’s how to lose weight on a treadmill.

   4. Incline the tread mill

Generally, it is just hard to climb an inclined surface like a hill in the outdoors, going uphill generally burns more calories than just running on flat ground.

The treadmill has an incline feature so you can adjust it slightly to mimic an uphill climb. It is recommended that you adjust it in a progressive manner don’t do it all at once since it won’t help you because that is not the correct way to do it.

The steeper the incline the more the calories are burnt. Doing the inclined work out has added benefits like it helps you build up more hip and leg strength. Doing this is a prime example of how to lose weight on a treadmill and improve on your overall body strength.

    5. Keep improving

There is a consistency on how to lose weight on a treadmill, you should consistently follow your workout routine even though in the first days you’ll be too sore and will feel like quitting.

So when you start your routine be sure to always focus on improvement such that if this month you only had a 30 minute workout in the second month you can switch it up to 45 minutes or even 60 minutes, or even you may choose to Increase speed on the treadmill. Just remember keep going and don’t abandon the workout.