Here’s The Best Weight Loss Shakes Available On The Market?

The meal replacement shakes shelf in stores is overcrowded with all sorts of products claiming to be the best weight loss shakes on the market. It can be overwhelming to choose the best shakes with weight loss essence. For that reason, we’ve compiled an informative list of the best weight loss meal replacement shakes on the market today.

  1. SlimFast Formula

Slimfast formula is among few elites of effective weight loss shakes whose capability to shed kilos has earned then resounding fame in weight management circles. Among its signature ingredients are 20 g proteins and 1 g sugar. It can help you control food craving for over 4 hours. What makes this shake extra healthy is the fact that it doesn’t contain gluten or lactose. Did I mention flavorings? This shake comes in four flavors; caramel latte, vanilla cream, strawberries and cream and creamy chocolate.

  1. Herbalife formula 1

One of the best weight loss shakes on the market with an incredible 21 vitamins and an array of minerals. Better yet, it comes in 12 flavors with each flavor having the capability to provide 9 g of proteins in one serving. Consume it at any time of the day and get replenished with a lasting fullness and energy. It is claimed that the added low saturated fat and soy protein improves the health of the heart besides helping you shed kilos. The soybean isolates present in this shake has been lauded for its high amino acid profile. It also contains milk concentrate that makes it handy as a drink of choice that you can grab shortly after a weight loss workout.

  1. GNC Lean Shake

GNC Lean Shake formula has two healthy functions; it serves to put the blood sugar level under control and support weight loss.

This clinically proven weight loss shake is marketed as GNC LeanShake 25 with the number 25 meaning that it contains 25 grams of protein which is highly essential in reducing the food appetite.

As a result, you just need to drink 2 glasses of GNC LeanShakes 25, add few calories and jog down the alley as an exercise and you will stay light like a feather.

To improve muscle growth and metabolism in the whole process, this formula comes with 8 g fiber, and 24 minerals and vitamins.

GNC lean shake comes in different flavors like rich chocolate, French vanila and others


  1. NEW Shakeology

This meal replacement shake is capable of helping individuals lose weight by providing them combo exotic superfoods. The makers of this shake shifted their attention to other stress causing elements such as stress instead of the diet alone. As a result, this shake has added adaptogens which act as stress relievers, antioxidants to boost the immune system and enzymes that serve to streamline the digestion process. Now you understand why it is named Shakeology. It tastes great, has an easy blend and possesses the capability to suppress food appetite for 8 hours.

  1. V-Shape formula

This meal replacement shake helps people attain their weight loss goals by providing them with correct quantities of balanced carbohydrates, low sodium, minimal calories and reduced sugars. It also comes with 26 vitamins among other patented ingredients including fiber, enzymes and a blend three different types of proteins.

  1. Ideal Protein

Ideal protein meal replacement shakes come in form of snacks, meals, drinks, and puddings which should be used together with a lifestyle change and a comprehensive diet.

Before picking the best weight loss shakes on the market, remember to do to your own exhaustive research about it to make sure you get the desired results.

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