Amway Traditional Herbs Range Products Guide

Traditional herbs are considered safer alternatives to the chemical-based modern drugs. This is because they lack the harmful chemicals and other preservatives that are potentially poisonous to the body. No other company appreciates this fact better than the Amway Pharmaceuticals. The entire article is dedicated to the most prominent Amway Nutrilite Traditional Herbs Range.

Amway Nutrilite Traditional Herbs Range Products – A Quick Walkthrough


This herbal medicine is mainly designed for those with low immunity and digestive disorders. Its formulation is so designed in such a way as to be safe for use by vegetarians. Because of this, the herbal medicine has universal applicability.

The Nutrilite Tulsi contains standard extracts of the Tulsi (Ocimum sanctum) herb. Each capsule contains pure vegetarian and gelatin-free ingredients.


100% Natural Products

All the products or ingredients that make up the drug are derived from nature; none of them is artificially manufactured. For instance, it lacks preservatives, salt, sugar, yeast, and filler materials. Because of this, the herb is as a whole is extremely safe for use on the body. You will thus less likely confront issues related to allergies and intoxication.

MD Ayurveda Formulation

On the whole, the herbs are formulated by the MD Ayurveda company. The company is well known for being reliable, experienced and reputable. Its products have received numerous awards and recognitions. Moreover, they have also not disappointed at all judging by the excellent track records and customer reviews. You may count on the qualities of the final outcomes.

Great for the Gut

This herbal medicine helps to maintain the digestive system in the healthiest shape and form at all times. This is because it has ingredients that can reduce the pace of damage to the interior linings of the digestive tract. Moreover, the herbal medicine is also rich in fiber. When taken immediately after a meal, it aids in the breakdown and subsequent absorption of nutrients.

Amway Nutrilite Tulsi

100% Vegetarian Formula

As stated, the herbal medicine is formulated with the unique needs of vegetarians in mind. Because of this, such persons may take it with confidence and great peace of mind. They are less likely to sustain boils or other adverse allergic reactions. You may rest assured that you will not sustain boils and skin problems.

Combats Low Immunity

Nutrilite Tulsi has the ability to combat low immunity. It does so by basically strengthening the immune system in such a way as to let it fight diseases better and more effectively. Some of its constituent ingredients strengthen and nourish the white blood cells. These are the ones that are chiefly responsible for invading germs and other pathogens. They hence enable you to fight off infections and diseases effectively. This is not to mention that you will also spend less on medication.

As has already been hinted, the herbal medicine lacks the various artificial ingredients like yeast, binders, preservatives, colors, starch, additives, and fillers. You will not produce allergic responses at all if you opt to take it. You will also find the drugs simpler to excrete after use due to its chemical-free formulation.


In case you have nervous problems and issues, this is the drug not to overlook. It is specially designed and formulated to ward off nervous conditions and other problems that are associated with the nervous system. These include anxieties, nervous breakdowns, lack of focus and concentration among others.

What it Contains

The core ingredient of the herbal medicine is the Brahmi extract. This is sourced from only certified organic herbs. The drug is also manufactured in such a way as to guarantee maximum safety and reliability.


Possesses Standardized Extract-based Capsules

On the whole, the drugs possess standardized extract-based capsules. These extracts are obtained from only natural sources. Each capsule contains the sum total nutrients that the entire drug contains. They are therefore great for use by vegetarians and persons who are vulnerable to allergies.

No Side Effects

Given that they do not have harsh chemicals and preservatives, the herbs are extremely safe. They bring about no side effects at all. You may use them as long and as regularly as you wish without any fears of poisoning at all. This is particularly great news if you are allergic or suffer from chronic illnesses.

Supports Mental Agility

In all, the herb supports mental agility. They are pretty effective at enhancing the mental faculties such as reasoning, memory, and logic. They are therefore great at boosting academic performance with minimal side effects. Moreover, the drug brings about almost no damages or adverse side effects to the brain and other mental faculties.

Improves the Functioning of the Central Nervous System

As stated above, these herbs are pretty good at improving the functioning of your central nervous system. It is hence awesome at mitigating most of the issues that may inflict the said part of the body from time to time. If you occasionally lose focus and composure, you may think of utilizing this drug as well.

Boosts Attention

One of the accompanying side effects of supporting mental agility is the fact that it boosts focus and attention. You will generally be able to focus on a single task for long by taking this herb. It is the one to go for in case you have attention issues. This is the drug to go for if you suffer from attention deficient disorders like Autism, ADHD (Attention Deficient Hyperactivity Disorder) and ADD (Attention Deficient Disorder).


Are you an athlete or some who is constantly on the move? If you said yes, then your body inevitably gets worn out every quite often. You need a rejuvenator. This is basically a substance that can invigorate your body. This herbal medicine is an example of such substances.

What it Contains

Generally speaking, the herbal medicine comprises root extracts that are derived from only certified organic herbs. Because of this, it is safe and pretty effective. You will find it pretty awesome on your body; not to mention zero adverse allergic reactions when in contact with your bodily systems.


Being a rejuvenator, Ashwagandha is known to help in:

Supports Vitality

As stated, its topmost purpose is to restore your weary body to its rejuvenated form. The herbal medicine is loaded with tons of ingredients that are able to combat fatigue and restore your body to its best elements. They strengthen the muscles besides invigorating other bodily functions to provide this support.

Eases Stress

Closely related to supporting vitality is the fact that it also eases stress. It does so by relaxing muscles, replenishing energy, and strengthening the weak joints, among others. These have the joint impacts of easing stress.

Calms the Nervous System

If and when your body is tired and weary, the nervous system may also be impacted negatively. This herbal medicine is also designed for such tasks and purposes. It has the ability to calm the nervous system to let it function normally and stress-free.

Boosts Bodily Functions

The effects of the drug extend to other parts of the body as well. These include the muscles, circulatory systems, breathing, and even the digestive tracts. Your uptake of this wonderful herb will, therefore, have a profound positive impact on your whole body.


Chronic illnesses are never that easy to mitigate. They chiefly drain plenty of financial resources. They also weaken the body; predispose the body to the risks of fatigue, and other health issues. To combat these issues effectively, a wonderful, potent, and reliable drug is by all means called for. This herbal medicine, as you are about to see, fits the bill particularly well.

What it Contains

In its entirety, this herbal medicine is a unique blend of scientific knowledge, nature, and traditional wisdom. It, therefore, embodies the latest and most reliable formulation possible. This blend of natural and scientific ingredients also makes it very potent and reliable in combating most persistent issues.


Enunciates Strength and Vitality of Muscles

At the top of its benefits is the fact that it strengthens the muscles both in tone and vitality. It does so by furnishing the muscles with oxygen which is great for the production of energy. This arrangement lets your muscles confront the various weights effectively.

Relaxes the Mind and Brain

The herb also relaxes the mind and the brain. It relieves those stressful situations that have the impacts f weighing down the mind. This makes you stay alert and agile at all times. You may count on the herb if you are the kind of a person who is prone to mental issues.

Treats Ulcers and Chronic Ailments

Ulcers generally arise when the internal membranes are broken. They are ordinarily painful and very demanding. They, alongside chronic ailments, usually take a toll on whoever is affected. Luckily, this ought not to be the case; not with this herbal medicine. It has the ability to mitigate and treat these conditions.

Boosts Energy Levels of the Body

Given that this herbal medicine has the ability to reduce muscles stress and fatigue; it is also capable of boosting the energy levels of the body. By taking it, you will quickly feel fresh and rejuvenated. It also reduces the recovery time after a stressful workout or any other physical activity.

Reduces Drowsiness

After intense exercise workouts, we normally have the tendency to experience drowsiness mainly due to fatigue. This drowsiness does wear us out and slows down our progress. This drug has the abilities to combat these issues as well.

Strengthens the Immune System

If you constantly experience diseases and other attacks, you have a friend in this herbal medicine. This drug can strengthen your immune system by strengthening your body’s ability to fight infections and ward off sicknesses.

Treats some Terminal Illnesses

Apart from combating cancer and ulcers, this drug is also well able to treat some terminal illnesses. These include the Parkinson’s disease and Alzheimer’s disease. It may not wholly deal with the diseases, granted. However, it can considerably mitigate their negative side effects and symptoms.

Great for the Heart

One of the flagship benefits of this drug is the fact that it can keep the cholesterol levels to realistic levels. This way, it spares your heart from the need to pump too hard to push blood through the circulatory vessels. You will, therefore, experience fewer predispositions to the risks of heart attacks.

Improves Digestion

You will enjoy the benefit of improved digestion. This mainly stems from its rich fiber contents. This ingredient improves the breakdown and subsequent absorption of the nutrients. It, in so doing also reduces the likelihoods of constipation and other digestive related disorders.

Mitigates Diabetes

The natural ingredients that constitute this wonderful herbal medicine are also effective at mitigating diabetes. By taking this herbal medicine, you will get to enjoy the benefits of suppressed diabetes and other issues that accompany the condition.

Please note that the four Amway nutrilite traditional herbs range that we have reviewed above are not all that Amway has to offer. The company indeed produces a range of other products which are available for salient various stores and retail outlets.

Given that you do not want to forfeit the benefits that these drugs bring along, you certainly want to purchase one right away. In light of this, we encourage you to choose at least one of the products we have reviewed and acquire it. We look forward to receiving your order and acting on it soonest possible!