Does Amla Juice Help With Weight Loss? The Truth Revealed

Amla juice is also known as the Indian Gooseberry or Amlaki juice. It boasts high levels of Vitamin C. The circular green fruits from amla tree are rich in anti-oxidants. This explains why they’re powerful when it comes to anti-aging. Amla oil is also magical when it comes to promoting hair growth. Besides these benefits, the other benefit of amla has to do with weight loss.

How’s your journey to weight loss taking you? Are you noticing any results? Do you feel like giving up? Have you been looking for the most effective way to lose weight? Well, an efficient way to shed some weight is by incorporating amla in your diet.

Before looking at how to use amla juice with weight loss, it’s prudent to look at how to use it;

How to Use Amla Juice for Weight Loss

  • Amla fruit – This is ideal for anyone that wants to keep the fruit’s fiber. You can take it as a whole amla fruit the first thing in the morning when you wake up.
  • Dried amla – With this form of amla, you purchase the sun-dried version of amla and then pop some inside your mouth whenever hunger strikes.
  • Amla juice – All you need to do is pit from amla, cut your fruit, blend it, and drink the juice.

Here’s how you can use amla juice for weight loss:

#1: Acts as an Effective Body Detox

Excess free radicals in your body are one of the factors that are responsible for an increased weight gain as well as occurrences of life threatening conditions. Amla juice’s rich antioxidants coupled with nutritive and curative properties are effective at eliminating the harmful free radicals that build inside the body as toxins. This goes miles in improving digestion and dissipating waste.

#2: Loaded with Antioxidants and Nutrients

Amla juice is rich in nutrients and antioxidants. Whether you eat it or drink as a juice, you’ll certainly from lots of Vitamin C. The most interesting part about this juice is the fact that it’s been in use for many years.

It effectively treats a number of ailments. What’s more is the fact that it improves hair and skin health. The plenty of nutrients and antioxidants can be handy when it comes to weight reduction too. 

#3: Assists in Protein Synthesis

It certainly goes without saying that folks with a slower body metabolism have a tendency to pile up pounds sooner. Amla juice, whether in diluted or concentrated for assists to push the rate of the body of breaking down food. It assists in protein synthesis.

Simply put, more broken protein simply means more energy for your body. As a result, the food you eat doesn’t get accumulated as fat.

#4: Enhances Metabolic Health

One of the major culprits of obesity-related problems are metabolic disorders. Did you know that a low metabolic rate usually accelerates weight gain thus leading to different health complications. Nevertheless, a rise in metabolic activity goes miles to not only reduces weight but also assist you get regain your shape.

According to different studies, taking this juice on an empty stomach every morning aids in the synthesis of proteins, and improves body metabolism. It does this by breaking down proteins, which ultimately leads to better weight management and eventually optimum weight.

#5: Keeps you Revitalized

Sedentary lifestyles play a huge role in weight gain. By taking amla juice, you’re able to keep your body full of vitality and vigour offering the needed energy for you. You’re also able to remain hydrated during workouts. With sky rocketing energy levels, you’ll remain active, which eventually results to a drastic loss in weight.

Since antiquity, the Indian gooseberry has been touted as a highly effective antidote for different ailments. Consequently, many people use it as an alternative mode of treatment just like Unani and Ayurveda.

The tangy and tasty fruit is full of the goodness of important nutrients and vitamins. Have you been desiring to shed weight? Have you different strategies, which have failed you miserably? If yes, then you need to try amla juice. The above are the ways you can use amla juice with weight loss.