The Best 30 Minute Workout For Women

Ideally, we all want to stay in shape and be healthy. The meaning of that is not that we will have a six pack or huge muscles. However, fitness is more about maintaining a healthy weight and that is not the same for everyone, especially women. The first step to doing this is by starting a weekly or daily workout regimen. Yoga has so many benefits. That is why it is the best 30-minute workout for women.

What Is So Great About Yoga?

Yoga is an old workout that had its origins all the way from India. It has a variety of stretches and holds that promote flexibility and a strong core. In order to have a healthy body, being clean inside and out is important. Yoga provides this type of workout. The breathing it incorporates allows your mind to relax along with your body simultaneously. It lowers stress and causes your muscles to become very strong and reliable. The best part is, you don’t have to go to a gym to reap the benefits of yoga, although there are yoga classes you can attend for slimming your body

Which Yoga Type Is Right For Me?

Many types of yoga exist and each one has its own benefits. There are gentle or fast moving yoga types. Hatha is a slower paced practice that focuses on the breath. You will hold the poses for a few seconds while maintaining a constant and steady breathing. In contrast, Vinyasa is a faster yoga practice that will make move nonstop. You will find that this kind of yoga will get your blood pumping.

These are just two examples of the kinds of yoga that you can choose from. A 30-minute workout for women could include any of these kinds of yoga practices, but there are three specific ones that best fit the need for women. Whether you are looking for a challenge physically or to connect internally, these three yoga practices are best.


The first is called Kundalini. It is one of the practices that bring together intense poses and breathing. It also has deep meditation and sometimes chanting. This is a perfect way to de-stress after a long, hard day with screaming children at home or angry customers at work. Kundalini is considered more of a spiritual experience, but it doesn’t have to be spiritual. You’ll find more awareness once you have finished, though. You will feel this within your spirit and your muscles.

Yin Yoga

Second, is Yin Yoga. It has been called the zen yoga, as it offers the most calming force in yoga practices. Much like Kundalini, you will be feeling something inside your soul after finishing the workout. However, what makes it differ from Kundalini is the slower pace it has. With Yin Yoga, every pose is held much longer, most being two minutes or more. You’ll practice meditating and breathing while in each position.


 Last, is Restorative. Its name says it all. The whole concept of this yoga practice is to restore your muscles and mind. The pace is very, very slow. You might feel like you haven’t worked out at all after this, but your muscles will thank you in the morning. When you do Restorative Yoga, you might find it like Yin Yoga in the slow pacing and long holds, but these poses are less challenging and are primarily for relaxing.

 Whichever yoga practice you decide is right for you, there is no doubt that yoga is the best 30-minute workout for women. It melts all your stress away and helps you keep a strong, healthy posture. Every woman needs to feel poised and beautiful and that is what yoga does, both inward and outward.